North China's First No Rail Trams Start Test Drive

north elf first smart electric trolley bus completed
north elf first smart electric trolley bus completed

Northern China's First Tram-looking trolley vehicle started its test journey in Harbin city, equipped with driverless road technology.

Trolley 30 is able to speed up to 70 meters long and hourly. Compared to its older types, this trolley is more environmentally friendly and has invisible rails by producing less gas emissions and is more suitable for traffic and has a high carrying capacity.

The vehicle was first subjected to a series of tests to see if it could cope with road conditions prevailing in Harbin's prevailing winter conditions, including frozen icy road and as low temperatures as possible.

22-23 was held on Friday-Saturday in February. The second-pass test drive started today and will end in March.

China's subway cost is currently about 500 million yuan per kilometer, and rail tram lines cost about 150 million yuan per kilometer. The trolley tram system is also the same as modern tram and since the vehicle does not need any rail system, the investment of the whole line is one fifth of modern trams.



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