Tests on OMÜ Rail System

tests on the omu rail system
tests on the omu rail system

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin said, “The 3rd Stage is the final stage in the works of the Light Rail System project between Kurupelit Last Stop- University Life Center. Test drives continue successfully. ”

Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and the candidate of Atakum Mayor of the AK Alliance from the AK Party, made a statement about the 3rd Stage of the Light Rail System under construction. President Zihni Şahin said, “The works of the 3 km Light Rail System project between Kurupelit Last Stop and University Life Center, which we call the 5.2rd stage, continue”.

Reminding that test drives have started as of September 15, 2018, President Şahin said, “Successful trial runs continue. With this beautiful project, we will meet an important need of our students and fellow citizens in public transportation. ” President Zihni Şahin gave the following detailed information about the project.

“Starting from the existing University Station, the Light Rail System Tram Line, which is being built on the OMU Campus Line, consists of a total of 5 meters double track railway. There will be 177 meters and 300 meters long 150 viaduct structures, 2 meters long 340 Open-Close structure (entrance portal 1 meters, tunnel area 140 meters and exit portal 70 meters) on the rail system route. There will be a total of 130 stations to include Housing, Medical School, Faculty of Dentistry, Vocational School of Health, Life Center, Education Faculty and Dormitories.

3 units of new transformer center, 3 pieces of highway level crossing, 6 pieces of radio base stations are also included in the project. The 112 meter left, 108 meter right and 75 meter main steel 295 meter long steel overpass and 114 meter length 1 meter, which connects this steel overpass to the Medical Faculty, are located in the 3 meter reinforced concrete box. In addition, there are walking bands, including total 3 output and XNUMX units.

Since the day we started to work within the scope of the Rail System tender, excavation of 140 thousand cubic meters, 000 thousand cubic meters of filling, 62 thousand cubic meters of concrete casting, 53 thousand 4 tons of rebar, 600 tons of steel manufacture, 435 catenary poles, 194 thousand 10 meters line meters rail was laid. The cost of our project is 354 million liras. Even the production of the trains to be used continues. ”

Stating that they are happy to provide a very important service to Samsun and Samsun, Mayor Şahin said, “We have been continuing more than 9 projects in our Samsun and its districts within the 200 months since I took office. The amount of these projects is approximately 1.3 billion liras. We have completed infrastructure, drinking water and treatment plants projects in all districts. We started new projects. In the transportation area, we have built 500 kilometers of new roads and pavements, including asphalt, concrete road, surface paved asphalt. We brought social reinforcement, green spaces, cultural and artistic structures to Samsun. We launched smart city systems. We supported all our sports clubs. We attached importance to social municipality. I am confident that these efforts and new important services will continue after the March 31 elections. ”

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