Accident that Causes a Level Crossing in Tekirdağ

accident at night
accident at night

ÇerkezköyDespite the fact that the barrier was closed, the train locomotive which maneuvered the car passing through the level crossing was hit. The accident, the mechanic's attention due to the accident was not injured.

In the heart of the station Çerkezköy It took place at a level crossing just in front of the District Police Department. TCDD officials closed the barrier of the level crossing during the exit of the locomotive for the Gardan maneuver. 59 UR 432 car driver Yener Turkeli, allegedly closed the barrier despite the road wanted to cross the road. The car hit the locomotive car on the rails. The locomotive mechanic's attention and cut speed caused a possible disaster. In the accident, large amounts of property damage occurred in the car, but the driver, who was alone in the car, survived the accident without being injured.

The railway, which was closed for some time due to the accident, opened after the car was lifted over the rails. Police and TCDD officials launched an investigation into the accident. (Çerkezköy Glance)

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