TCDD Procurement of Public Personnel

tcdd public staff reception kpss sarti yok
tcdd public staff reception kpss sarti yok

Publication of public personnel is made without the requirement of KPSS to work in İzmir, Manisa, Afyonkarahisar and Adana provinces with the advertisements published by TCDD İŞKUR. Total 5 Person will be employed.

General Directorate of TCDD 1 Personnel Rail Line Maintenance Repair is being purchased; The candidates who will apply to the public personnel must have a minimum primary school education and a secondary school (High School and Equilibrium). Applications for recruitment of TCDD personnel will end on 11 February 2019; Candidates are required to apply for 00004818858 with the announcement number of İŞKUR job vacancies. Only those who are formerly convicted or TMY (injured in the fight against terrorism) may apply to the ad. Work Address 3.Bölge Basmane 311 Road Maintenance Chief / İZMİR.

TCDD 1 Persons with Personal Status Disabilities are made by the graduates of the Railway Line Maintenance Repair. Applicants for the recruitment of disabled personnel will be contacted through İŞKUR through the 00004818922 advertisement number until the deadline for application. Work Address Manisa 334 Road Maintenance Chief is described as Manisa.

1 Person Railway Line Maintenance Repairer who can apply to his / her former situation or former convicts or TMY (Injured in Terrorism) is recruited. Work address 7.Bölge Afyonkarahisar A.Ç 724 Application for recruitment of personnel who are road maintenance chiefs.

TCDD Personnel recruitment of disabled personnel Primary school graduate 1 applicants will be contacted with 11 for 2019 February 00004819016 date until the 634 date. The work address is Adana XNUMX Road Maintenance Chief.

Disabled Public Personnel Reception 1 Personnel Rail Line Maintenance Repairs are made and the working address is Afyonkarahisar A.Ç. 724 is Road Maintenance Chief. Applicants must apply to 00004819031 February 11 through 2019 through İŞKUR. (Public Personnel Recruitment)

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