TCDD 2019 Announces Fees for Day Nurseries

tcdd 2019 announces fees for kres and gunduz
tcdd 2019 announces fees for kres and gunduz

TCDD General Directorate announced the new fees to be valid from 10 February 2019 date in accordance with the yeni Communiqué on Public Social Facilities de published by the Ministry of Finance in the Official Gazette dated 30651 January and 15 January 2018.

Where the minimum monthly wages determined by the Communiqué are not sufficient, the institutions and organizations are authorized to determine the price above the determined wage in the Çocuk Public Social Facilities Communiqué ler published in the Official Gazette of 10 January 2019 date and 30651 of the Ministry of Finance. It indicated. In the 20 article of the section entitled Common Considerations, it is stipulated that all expenses of day care centers will be covered by their own incomes.

The wages applied are far from meeting the operational costs of the Day Care Centers of our Enterprise; monthly maintenance fees of children, in accordance with the provisions of the usunda Communiqué Regarding the Public Social Acts ücret,

a) 570,00 TL (VAT excluded) is the monthly maintenance fee for each child, applied to the children of the enterprise and other Public Institutions and their staff, retirees and their spouses and their subordinates (grandchildren, grandchildren).

b) The children of those who are excluded from the paragraph (a) are determined as 70 TL (VAT excluded), which is the 969,00 surplus of XNUMX determined for the personnel of our Enterprise.

c) In the event that the same person has more than one child at the Day Care Center, a discount of% 20 for more than one child will be applied.

d) 24.06.2006 and 2006 / 16 Prime Ministry Circular ve martyrs, spouses, mothers, fathers and children veterans, war and duty goods, their spouses, parents, children and public institutions and organizations belonging to the public institutions and organizations from these institutions and organizations own According to the provision, the same fee will be applied for TCDD personnel.

e) A monthly fee is collected in cash for the student who made a definite record in the day care center. No refund will be made if the student leaves the Hall during the month.

f) In case of need for maintenance, repair and renovation in the Day Care and Nursery, the Nursery Directorate will request for closure for maintenance and repair. In the said Communiqué, since the operating expenses of the social facilities should not be contributed from the budget of the related institutions and organizations, all kinds of measures will be taken to cover the operating expenses of the Day Care Rooms of the Nursery and Day Care Centers and there will be no disruption to this issue.

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