Regulation of Private Public Bus Fees in Korucuk

new regulation in bulk transport
new regulation in bulk transport

Fatih Pistil, who came together with Korucuk Public Bus tradesmen, said, ü We shot the tarık of Korucuk Private Public Buses from 3 TL to 2.50 TL just like in the Municipality buses. During the hours of intensification, we made frequent expeditions. 14 February Thursday, so today our new application will be operational. We will continue to work to increase the satisfaction of our citizens in public transport. Good luck. Hayır

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Fatih Pistil met with Korucuk Public Bus tradesmen. In recent days, the transportation problems of the region in consultation with the Korucuk People's Bus traders were made by the Metropolitan Municipality on various decisions related to transportation. With the joint decision taken at the meeting, the tariff of Korucuk Private Public Buses was withdrawn from 3 TL to 2.50 TL.

Various regulations
Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department, who made statements on the decisions taken at the meeting, said: ucuk We have arranged additional flights to the Municipality buses after the interim holiday upon the requests coming from the Korucuk neighborhood as the Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality. Our private public bus operators have had a new demand for this situation. We have evaluated the issue together with the tradesmen in the department, taking into account the demands of our citizens Kon.

Be good
Pistil said, “With the decision we have taken with Korucuk Private Public Bus tradesmen; The tariff of Korucuk Private Public Buses was taken from 3 TL to 2.50 TL. Personnel and other corporate card reductions will also be implemented as in the City Buses. During the opening hours of the complaint, additional flights will be made and the municipal bus service will continue until 23.45. For daily cleaning of vehicles, a system will be installed in the bus garage in Korucuk and daily cleaning will be provided. As the Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens will be informed about the behavior of the passengers, the passenger not taking passengers, the passenger density issues will be followed urgently, we will immediately evaluate the complaints.

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