Source Criticism from CHP Serter to İzmir Metro

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source list

CHP Izmir deputy Bedri Serter, 18 2019 30690 2019 published in the Official Gazette on the 30 Investment program within the framework of the law on the adoption and implementation of this year, only XNUMX thousand TL will be separated from the hard language in the language criticized.

Ter To date, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is managed by a social democratic approach that provides the Izmir subway system with 11 kilometers to 179 kilometers, provides services to the people of Izmir and the railways from the state with the resources obtained from Europe with almost all of their resources or with a serious credibility confidence, without any pennies, kendi Serter said. Usu I am not surprised that the state allocated only 30 thousand TL for the subway work of İzmir within the framework of the budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. When we allocate 4.3 billion TL resources to Istanbul and Ankara, it is worth noting that this government should not send a penny to Izmir with its full term. It is clear that the people of Izmir will not see the President, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in these elections. I have a warning to this government cad There are politicians, local administrators in Izmir who live the Atatürk's reforms and policies, all of whom boasted iron nets from Izmir's streets and streets, villages and villages to the center of Izmir. At this point, we warned Mr. President; pay attention, iron networks we knit the network of Izmir do not get caught, you can not escape!, he said.


Serter, ve AKP's Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Nihat Zeybekci, Izmir's lifestyle and dream of trying to create a national main opposition from Izmir in Izmir, even if you see it today still does not see Izmir, Zeybekci and 2019 can not show the investment program in the Izmir metro 30 thousand TL separating the AKP, today announced that they lost Izmir, "he said.

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