Salarha Tunnel to Rize's Urban Transformation

salarha tuneli will contribute to urban transformation
salarha tuneli will contribute to urban transformation

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, who came to Rize as part of various programs, visited tradesmen after attending the funeral of Muhittin Baltacı in Çayeli district. Turhan then visited Çayeli District Governorship and Municipality.

Turhan, after examining the truck park in Bozkale Village, went to Salarha Tunnel and received information from the authorities. After examining the Southern Ring Road, Turhan then went to Rize Municipality and met with the Mayor Reşat Kasap.

Turhan, in his statement, said it is important to be able to continue the service to the nation without being interrupted.

Underlining that the Eastern Black Sea is a heavy land, Turhan said:

“The Eastern Black Sea region is one of the settlements that have not developed easily. We have districts along the big beach until the center of Rize. It is important to plan new development areas with the advantage it brings to people after the construction of the Black Sea Coastal Road. We, as the central government, have projects to ease the transportation in the settlements where regional and transit routes pass and for urban development. The most important for Rize is the Mountain Road. It will facilitate the transportation of Rize to the districts and will be relieved by drawing the city traffic to the Mountain Road. We will have provided a more comfortable service. ”

Turhan said that they built Derepazarı-Kendirli, İyidere-İkizdere, Rize-Kalkandere, Güneysu-Büyükköy roads in Rize and continued as follows:

“We are building the very important project, Salarha Tunnel. With the construction of the Salarha Tunnel, I think we will have provided a very important infrastructure service for Rize's urban transformation. Considering the opportunities created by this, the new city will make an important contribution to the re-planning of our Rize in the production of new city zoning land and the creation of zoned areas. ”

After the speeches, President Kasap presented the Rize cloth woven from hemp rope to Minister Turhan.

Turhan, Rize gland after the gift, continue to provide economic income, it was satisfactory, he said.

Turhan then toured the Safe Internet Center truck belonging to the Information Technologies and Communications Authority. After examining the local software, using 'Pololens' for a while, Turhan received information from the officers.

Turhan, Rize Governor Kemal Çeber in his office after meeting with the authorities held a closed-door meeting.



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