Rebuilding Dormitory with Iron Nets


📩 14/02/2019 13:13

In the 10th Anniversary of the Republic, “We came out with open forehead from every war in ten years, / We created fifteen million young people of all ages in ten years; / Chief Commander counted by the whole world; / We knit with iron nets from four heads / We are Turks, the bronze trench of the Republic's chest, / It is not good to stand at Turkish, Turkish is ahead, Turkish is forward! ” There is no one who doesn't know his strings. Great importance was attached to the development of the State Railways, and for the defense of the country and for the development of the country, it was considered important that the railway wrapped around the country like a net.

100 of the Republic. We are near the year. We cover every part of the country with iron nets once more.

We are proud of this. We make extraordinary efforts and resources to spread the high-speed train all over the country.

When Ankara is centered, there is a high-speed train that now reaches Istanbul. There is a high-speed train to Eskişehir and Konya. Eskişehir, the line is also relaxing Bursa. The fast train to Samsun seems to end soon.

The part to Konya will now reach the Mediterranean Sea. The electrification work of the Karaman-Ulukışla road was made; A Turkish company named Metroray got the job. This part of the work is also proud. Atalar- Metroray firms are a hundred percent national and national organization. With the factory established by Turkish entrepreneurs in Ankara Polatlı, we are getting rid of external dependence in electrification which is the most important part of high-speed train technology in railways. The world's highest standards.

Nice things to appreciate. 10 of the Republic on railways. In a year when we were knitting the country together, nothing was almost our production except workmanship. As it is known in the Ottoman period, it was possible to provide a limited railway transportation in the technology and control of foreigners.

In the intervening period, almost one hundred percent of those from Turkey, so we have the ability to completely build local and national railway.

The road is civilization. Railway is the opportunity and opportunity to reach from one place to another with the easiest and safest ways both in civilization and at the lowest cost.

such as Turkey, growing and developing as a country, competitive advantages of a next of goods and services across the country in terms anywhere in the world can send the cheapest cost, and again all over the country are required to provide the world must be able to transport them at cheaper cost.

The high-speed train offers a safe, fast and quality ride for all of us. The process of paying for the investments made is not very long. Its contribution to the country is indisputable in all respects. There is no need to be an expert in order to see their superiority in terms of energy, time and environment.

It is necessary to celebrate TCDD management, the authorities of the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure, for encouraging domestic and national producers and for pursuing a sustainable railway policy.

Our expectation is the Republic 100. When we enter the year the high-speed train is reaching more points.

The developments so far show that we are taking this direction.

In the absence of accidents, in order to avoid accidents that deeply upset us, it is essential to use the highest technology and to set up the electrification and signaling infrastructure meticulously. It is also pleasing to give priority to Turkish companies and to create opportunities for the development of domestic and national technology. (Prof. Dr. B. Zakir Avşar - süperhab is)

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