RayHaber is now in English!

rayhaber english
rayhaber english

Another big step from RayHaber: RayHaber, the industry's leading internet news portal celebrating the age of 9, have one more big step as translating 65 thousand news into English for our valuable readers.

Our site has an average of 30 thousand visitors every day and is growing day by day with the support of you.

The most current state of the domestic and foreign railway companies we have already created Railway to Company Map bu links You can reach it by clicking. For English here Click here!

Also the day we opened our news sites have also renewed Turkey's richest archives we hold auctions since. To reach contracts, contracts and technical specifications via calendar left Click. For the English auction calendar here Click here!

RayHaber Tender Schedule

Last year 9 as carefully as you support our site news and news from Turkey and the world as vigorously Turkish and English will be entered and will improve ourselves every day.

With respect and love to all the railway staff.

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