Projects Focused on Science and Technology

projects focusing on science and technology
projects focusing on science and technology

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which carries out important projects in the field of university and industry cooperation, strengthens its cooperation with Bursa Technical University (BTU), which works with the vision of vizyon innovative public university Üniversite.

BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay and board members, BTÜ Rector. Dr. He visited Arif Karademir. During his visit, which was attended by the university administration and academicians, President Burkay and members of the board examined the research laboratories of the university. Rector Karademir's 4 bin 600 on the work of the university where the student received information about the work of President Burkay, also met with academics at the consultation meeting.


BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay, Bursa as a room, production, export and quality of employment as well as laying the power, as well as 'people-oriented investment-oriented' have implemented many important projects. Stating that university-industry cooperation has a key role in achieving the development goals of Bursa economy, Mayor Burkay said that they aim to strengthen the cooperation channels with universities which are 'the mind of the city'. Burcu added that the sectoral council structuring within BTSO added dynamism to the ideas of the academicians of Uludağ University and Bursa and Bursa and added un Science and technology; public, private sector, universities and industrial ecosystems. Every step taken in this area contributes a lot to the economy. Bu


Stating that they want to increase the flow of information and technology between the ITU and the industry in line with the high value-added production and export target, Burkay said, ile Information, science, technology and R & D activities guide the cities. Our country and our country will develop as the information becomes product. In this process, our most important guide will be science and technology. Our Chamber, which has more than one thousand 42 entrepreneurs, will continue its long-term, multifaceted and result-oriented cooperation activities with BTU. X


Rector of Bursa Technical University Dr. Arif Karademir, a short period of time with a qualified academic and administrative staff to create a healthy education curriculum, he said. Karademir stated that the university aims to have young people with a diploma in business life and to establish their own business. In The number of students studying in our country is about 7.5 million. Every year our 2.5 million students graduate from universities. As the BTU, we maintain a high number of qualified students and engage in sector-based and practical training-oriented activities. At this point, we have taken a significant distance. We have focused on the departments that are important for our stakeholders in Bursa. In addition to this, we want our students to have an innovation that reflects the current and current environment. We aim to reflect on the technological developments that renew itself every day. Kendisini


Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ICU cooperation between the ongoing process in the next process believes that will reach even more concrete steps Karademir, said: somut Bursa in our own brand value is high, almost every area has a city with pros. BTSO is a profit for our country. Such a structure, of course, is also signing important projects. As the University, we watch and appreciate the BTSO with envy. We want our companies, which are fighting on the commercial front, to receive support from universities in order to contribute through strategic and scientific data. In the coming period, we will strengthen our cooperation steps with our business people for the future of our country and our city. Ümüzdeki

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