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checks in mass transport in manisa buyuksehir municipality
checks in mass transport in manisa buyuksehir municipality

A protocol was signed between Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and 155 Managed City Buses Motor Carriers Cooperative. According to the protocol signed between Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Erdoğan Akatmacı, since the 1 March 2019, the public transportation vehicles within the cooperative will continue to serve the citizens in MANULAŞ.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its efforts to carry Manisa forward within the scope of transformation in public transportation. Within the scope of the ongoing works with the electric buses that started the test drive, a protocol was signed between Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and 155 Managed Public Buses Motor Carriers Cooperative. The signatures were signed by Cengiz Ergün, the mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and Erdoğan Akatmacı, the Cooperative President of 155. In the protocol signing ceremony, Salih Karaağaç, the President of the Manisa Chamber of Chambers, was also present. Within the scope of the protocol signed, 1 will continue to serve the citizens in the pool within the body of MANULAŞ as of March 2019.

”We will work with MANULAŞ together with electric buses“
Speaking at the protocol signing ceremony, 155 Cooperative Chairman Erdoğan Akatmacı stated that as of 1 March, electric buses will continue to be carried out by MANULAŞ with the participation of electric buses. We will work together in the MANULAŞ pool. With the help of electric buses, transportation will be more relaxed during our tight hours. The application traffic in the traffic flow has already been very relaxed. We expect that public transport will be used even more. 168 minutes of transport have fallen by half. After that there will be a better public transport. We were always saying, we couldn't please the citizens because of traffic congestion. As of today, there are shortening of transportation period. Hopefully this time will be shorter and citizens will be more satisfied. First of all, we would like to thank Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality for his opportunity to work together. I wish this order will be beneficial to all of us Bu.

Man A new era is beginning in Manisa with the signatures ”
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun said that a new era had begun with the signatures, and reminded that during the 5 year, the Manisa Municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality had implemented a master plan in transportation. President Ergun, ü Manisa, 17 district, thousand 88 neighborhood we have achieved a transformation that we have reached the neighborhood. I once again thank those who contributed. Today, we started testing the electric buses in the main arteries in Manisa. This work has a single purpose. Manisa in the morning and evening hours to avoid the traffic jams in the day. It is our priority to ensure that citizens are transported from one point to another. Now we are Metropolitan, the factors brought by the Metropolitan, factors, the task of the years to solve the problems. This signature ceremony is the result of the consultations carried out with the representatives of the rooms, associations and lines in Manisa in order to prevent these problems and to provide better service to our citizens in order to prevent these problems. First of all, I say good luck. Her

Milyon 93 million investment for electric buses “
President Ergün also pointed out that a large investment has been made for electric buses, which will be in service in the near future, and added:, The electric bus in Manisa and the new garage and the electric buses in the Organized Industrial Zone that will be commissioned after April-May The total cost for the charging stations was around 70 million, including the 20 electric bus, and the charging stations were also close to the cost. In total, an investment like 93 million was made for Manisans. Currently, the 20 18 meters, 2 25 meters will be completed in the next two months. 1 is the number of buses coming to Manisa and delivered to us at 13 March. In the first stage, the city hospital, Celal Bayar Hospital on the route of the test work continues. With the participation of other buses in the other months, our second line application will be started with our main arteries from the New Garage. Our work is almost complete in that region, O he said.

”One-way application has great relief“
President Ergun, who stated that the traffic started to be seen with the one-way application started and applied for about a week, said: bulundu The protocol signed today, 1 336 168 in the center of Manisa as of 155 March 8 vehicle belonging to the 15 Cooperative dolmuşlar now work within the pool of MANULAŞ. Consultations on elimination of deficiencies in the field will continue. As a result of the protocol, the collection of vehicles in a single pool is a precaution for our colleagues working in these lines. How do we move the percentage of public transport in Manisa from 155 to 168 and higher? Citizens in the traffic of the day, the valuable time to spend in vain are our work. When we look at the stage that we have followed in the city in recent days, there is a great relief from the extension of the one-way line from Moris Şinasi Hospital to Karaköy line and East Avenue, Seyfettin Bey Street to Moris Şinasi from Malta. This is seen in the field. Citizens of the test prefer to use electric buses and the 09 00 transport cooperatives, which is a preferable route when the vehicle is transported much faster when they reach, half of the reduction due to reduced transportation times. Parking problems will surely be. There will be complaints from our tradesmen about the parkings. If we live in metropolitan cities, these two arteries, which are the aortic vessels of the city we call the main artery, will be allowed temporarily in the morning between 15: 00 and XNUMX: XNUMX. Since the parking lots outside these hours constitute an obstacle to traffic in the city, we will take the necessary measures by increasing the number of parking lots, Bu he said.

”Bin 500 comes with parking for cars“
President Ergün emphasized that they are working on the problem of reducing the parking problem in the city. The first 15 clock will be free of charge, and the 500 hourly tariff will start to prevent permanent parking. We believe that this will reduce the intensity of the vehicles in Manisa. I wish the protocol will be auspicious Yap.

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