Prestige Streets Are Very Good for Salihli

prestige avenues
prestige avenues

The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, Şüheda and Acar 'Prestij Cadde' projects that Salihli brought to the citizens, brought new living spaces to the citizens. Renewed infrastructure from beginning to end; The prestigious streets that gained admiration of the people of Salihli with the modern superstructure arrangements won the admiration of the people of the district.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has gained the appreciation of the citizens with the prestige avenue projects implemented throughout the province, has brought Şüheda and Avar Streets to the new appearance in the Salihli district. 'Water infrastructure, rain water lines' were completed in a planned manner. After the superstructure arrangements started, Şüheda and Avar Streets took a turn. Salihli, who lives on 7 / 24 with road arrangements, illuminated curbs, green areas and illuminations, has almost two new streets. started to use the streets with bright, modern and healthy infrastructures.

'We Will Continue Working with the Union of Power'
The Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Cengiz Ergün, wished the Şüheda and Avar Streets would be beneficial, lı We aim to create safe areas where our citizens will enjoy spending time with our citizen-focused activities. In this direction, we renewed Şüheda and Avar Streets in our Salihli district with our prestige street project. Especially in the night with the illumination of our citizens could walk beautiful areas. In the next process, we will continue our efforts by taking the power of our citizens. Good luck to our people. Halk



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