30 Boutique Hotel with Palandoken Ski Center

palandokene 30 odali boutique hotel 1
palandokene 30 odali boutique hotel 1

At the initiative of the governor Okay Memiş, a boutique hotel in the standard of 5 star hotels is awarded to Erzurum. The AFAD Avalanche Training Center, which has not been used in Palandoken Ski Center for a while, will be converted into a hotel. 30 will be a boutique hotel to be built within the Vilayetler Evi house.

From the day he took office, Governor Okay Memiş, who has worked hard to develop Erzurum in the field of tourism, took another important step after the 5 star hotel, which was given the good news for the hotel investment which is needed more every season. The Minister of Interior, Suleyman Soylu's Erzurum visit to the agenda of the governor of the Mamis, AFAD until a while ago in Palandöken Cig Education Center, as an empty building has been proposed to be converted into a hotel. Following the initiative of the Minister Soylu, the Governor announcing the allocation of the building to the Vilayetler House, announced that it would make a boutique hotel with 30 rooms.


Counties house of the governor Memis record would be the only winter hotel in Palandöken in Turkey, "Palandöken Ski Center needs to seriously invest in the hotel. Everyone says the same thing since I got here. We really need to do something to cover this gap. From this point on, we gave the building to the Vilayet House, which had not been used for a while and had no contribution to the mountain. They will make a boutique hotel with 30 rooms with a few million pounds. Due to the fact that the building is close to the slopes, we will meet the need of the facility. We are working on this, Bun he said.


Emphasizing that this investment will add significant value to Palandöken Governor Okay Memiş, hotel investment is currently in the project stage, he added. Expressing that they expect this initiative to be an example to all investors, Governor Memiş said, ılar At every opportunity, we tell our investors the potential of Palandöken in every platform and we are talking about our hotel need. As a state, we took this step and expect to be an example to all entrepreneurs. Devlet

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