The Nostalgic Tram at the Istiklal Street is 105!

nostalgic tram of istiklal street 105
nostalgic tram of istiklal street 105

The nostalgic importance of Istiklal Street and the nostalgic importance of Istanbul residents were celebrated on 1914.

In the years when it served, it was known as the tram Istanbul Trams vay, and the electric trams serving the Istanbul residents for fifty years were the 105. was celebrated in Beyoğlu Tunnel Square. IETT Deputy General Director Dr. Hasan Özçelik, Hayri Haberdar and Abdullah Kazdal and employees of the institution and citizens attended. The European Music Group of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality gave a mini concert as part of the celebrations. In the celebration program, the pillows were presented to the citizens with the, trolley love of Istanbul a pillows, decorated with pictures of cotton candy, salep and nostalgic Istanbul trams.

In his speech, IETT Deputy General Manager Hasan Özçelik reminded that Istanbul's rail system adventure started with the establishment of the Dersaadet Tramway Company in 1869. With the start of the Wars, the horses were called out for two years. Savaş

After the establishment of the electric power plant in Silahtarağa in 1913, Özçelik explained that one of the first electricity-generating works is the rail system. it was. Istanbul's second rail system is the second subway in the world. The 11 network is now 1914 and is now expanding with an ongoing 1914 mileage. In accordance with the comments of Binali Yıldırım, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal Bey and the Mayor of Istanbul, our rail system network will reach a thousand kilometers in the framework of 170 vision. Thus, Istanbul will be built with rail systems. The electric part of the rail systems used as a public transportation vehicle, 285. I wish the year will be instrumental to the charity. yıl

The Symbol of Istanbul, a favorite of tourists

The electric trams, which were commissioned in 1871 after the horse trams (1914), which are considered to be the militaries of public transportation in Istanbul, serve for 50 year on both sides of the city. In the early years of 1960, it is replaced by trolleybuses. When the year shows 1990, it starts to re-enter Tünel-Taksim line as an expression of longing for the past. This situation is very happy for Istanbulites, but especially the former passengers. Nostalgic tram, in a short time become the focus of attention of domestic-foreign tourists. This interest carries the Nostalgic Tram to the top of the list of the most photographed objects in the world.

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