Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Car Park Decision

new reviews from Izmir
new reviews from Izmir

The Metropolitan Municipality renews the exterior of Alsancak Punto Storey Car Park after the Heroes Park. The new appearance of the car park, which has an aesthetic appearance with the Izmir skyline, was appreciated.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Alsancak Punto Storey Car Park to obtain a contemporary appearance of the building by covering aluminum mesh decorative. 550 vehicle capacity parking lot will be more aesthetically pleasing with aluminum mesh covering, while both the integrity of the structure and air circulation will be ensured. By completing the 95 of the project, the Metropolitan Municipality will bring the facade to a new appearance until the end of the month.

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, last year, the exterior of the Heroes' Floor Parking lot with a colorful aluminum mesh made the building more attractive. The Metropolitan Municipality informs the citizens of the city by means of the LED display placed on the side of the car park of this large car park.

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