New Hydrogen Trains Can End Diesel Trains

new hydrogen trains could end diesel trains
new hydrogen trains could end diesel trains

When the UK government canceled plans to electrify train lines in Wales, Midlands and north of England, and withdrew the Great Western rail network, a major train project was canceled.

Emerging reports say trains operating with hydrogen replace electric trains. Hydrogen trains serve as a replacement for electric trains on a rail line in Germany.

When the hydrogen trains in Germany replaced the diesel-powered and air-polluting trains, some major British train companies also took action. Large companies announced that they will release their own hydrogen trains by 2022.

Only one third of the UK train line has electric trains and the British government wants to reduce the number of diesel trains as much as possible to minimize air pollution.

For this reason, the government's strategy, which focused on purchasing two-stage trains that would start using diesel when it came to the runway, left the UK behind other European countries.


New hydrogenated trains combine hydrogen fuel with oxygen in the air to produce water and electricity. Thus trains produce their own electricity. Fuel cells are used to do this. The system, which does not create air pollution, has already attracted the attention of many large companies. (Ensonhab is)



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