New Akçaray Tram Line Record

new akcaray line record interest
new akcaray line record interest

The Sekapark - Beach Road tram phase, which started operating in February, was welcomed by the passengers. During the 10-day period, 3 thousand passengers were landing and boarding from 25 new stations in total. Citizens stated that it provides great convenience due to the timely and timely service provided. Stage 2 has been met with intense interest from both the students going to the schools around the stations and the passengers who want to go to Seka State Hospital since its opening.


TransportationPark's Akçaray tram line is operated by the citizens and attracts great attention by citizens. The trolley used by the public has increased the number of trips with the opening of the new line. Before the opening of the new line of turn-turn 15 kilometers even serving the citizens Akçaray, along with the new line in total 18 km reached the turn-round. In this way, the service network for citizens has expanded and passenger satisfaction has been raised to the highest levels.


Students in schools, Sekapark - Beach, Akçaray line opened with the opening of the school is very comfortable transportation, he said. Students who went home from home without losing time, so that the reliable, comfortable and affordable transportation underlined that they provide. Seka State Hospital patients and their relatives went to the old or private car, or by providing a bus transportation, recorded the new tram line with a very comfortable way to reach the hospital said.


Akçaray 1 August 2017 began to serve the people of Kocaeli with paid transportation from the date of 12. Today, Akçaray is the passenger of 41 Thousand. Akçaray is continuing its service with 33 vehicles. Expedition density is monitored and instantaneous flights are organized and citizens are not victimized. Akçaray 16 will continue to provide services to citizens when the planned Yolyoluyolu and Kuruçeşme stations are completed.

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