400 Million Travel Expected During Spring Festival Holiday in China

minde spring holiday holiday is expected 400 million travel
minde spring holiday holiday is expected 400 million travel

China's largest online tourism travel agency published by Ctrip 2019 Spring Festival holiday tourism trends report, the total 400 million during the holiday will take place, it will be recorded abroad 7 million.

04 February 2019 Monday - Spring Feast holiday officially began. In many countries of the world, Chinese tourists are organizing rich events to celebrate the Spring Festival.

According to the news of China International Radio; Between the Hong Kong Xijiulong station and the Shenzhen Futian station, the 31 January-11 will increase the double-sided high-speed train service in February. Between the 4-11 February, small passenger cars will be free from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge. The number of shuttle buses on the bridge will also be increased. China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region entrance department, the 7 million 320 thousand people in the Spring Festival holiday, sea, land or land will be entering Hong Kong by the estimates.

Before the Spring Festival in China's Macao Special Administrative Region, there will be a festival of festivals with festive gifts, flowers and fine meals, as well as a dragon and lion show, a fireworks display and a flowered vehicle show.

According to Ctrip's report, Thailand is leading China's overseas destinations. Thailand, which wants to attract more Chinese tourists, continues to apply free landing visas to Chinese tourists. Symbols celebrating the Spring Festival in major shopping centers in the capital, Bangkok. Activities such as dragon and lion dance are organized in Chinatown.

Again in Japan, where a large number of Chinese tourists are visiting, a series of applications have begun aimed at facilitating the shopping of tourists. On the eve of Eid, the Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo, was illuminated for the first time in 'Chinese red'.

In Singapore, the 3 is the traditional fair to celebrate the festival from February.

In Europe, the situation is no different; In France, for example, the airport, shopping center and hotels are using various ways to attract Chinese tourists during the Spring Festival. While many stores are decorated with Chinese-style elements, campaigns for Chinese tourists attract attention as well. the Turizmhaber)

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