Mentese Intercity Bus Station Entered Service

mentese intercity intercity bus service
mentese intercity intercity bus service

80 percent of the energy it consumes from our roof consisting of solar panels with this feature and one of the first in Turkey Hinge Intercity bus station was opened with a large attendance.

The Muğla Metropolitan Municipality opened the Hinge Intercity Bus Station, which was built on the roof of the 80 Million 11 Thousand 186 TL, which will meet the approximate 400 of its own energy needs with the solar power plant on its roof.

In the opening ceremony held in the terminal, Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. Osman Gürün, CHP deputies Mürsel Alban, Burak Erbay and Süleyman Girgin, Mayor of Menteşe Bahattin Gümüş, Mayor of Ula Ümit Karaarslan, Mayor of Datça Gürsel Uçar, CHP Provincial Chairman Adem Zeybekoğlu, CHP District Chairman Mustafa Aytaç Kavak, Good Party Menteşe District Chairman The candidate Ayçin Evgeç Diver participated in numerous transport tradesmen and citizens.

Cooperative Chairman; “We are very happy with our new bus station“

Speaking at the ceremony, the President of the Akyaka Cooperatives Serdal Pekmezci, taking the bus station out of the city relieves traffic, said: çıkartıl Such a facility to be completed in a short time to put into service, we were very good in carriers. Citizens survived a very short time of getting used to. We are pleased with our new bus station and thank you for giving our president such a place. Yeni

Bahattin Silver; “We are very pleased and proud because of the opening of this big investment“

Speaking later, Mayor of Menteşe Bahattin Gümüş said, “Building a facility that produces its own energy is an indication of the importance given to the environment and nature. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in our district. We are very pleased and proud because of the opening of this great investment. Bu

Süleyman Girgin; ”With its metropolitan services, it embraced Muğla in a short time.“

Saying that it is very difficult to make a zero CHP Muğla deputy Süleyman Girgin, "Science jobs, transportation, health, cemetery or MUSKİ come to mind with the imagination, from solar energy to the garage that produces their own energy, Osman Gürün producing these services, thank you to the president and his team," he said. .

Burak Erbay; ”Serving Metropolitan Muğla with exemplary municipalism“

The municipalities are not satisfied with the main issues of finger pressing to produce a solution, indicating that there is a Metropolitan Municipality CHP Muğla deputy Burak Erbay, "Muğla Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in the sense of exemplary municipalities with the facilities opened and I believe that they will continue," he said.

Mürsel Alban; ”He keeps his promises to our citizens.”

Speaking at the opening CHP Mürsel Deputy MP Mürsel Alban, said: i Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün'ın 2014 elections in the field while walking the "artisans will not be the most important people will not be satisfied with the transportation," he said. Breaking 5 years are going to the second period. Our president kept his promise. He was pleased with the people, he invested a lot and he made the people reach each other in our big city ti.

President Gürün; "An example to Turkey, we are pleased to provide our service more befitting a city Muğlamız."

an example to Turkey, and most importantly, protect the environment and nature that they experienced the happiness of giving service to the city they live worthy of Muğla Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün, loving, tolerant citizens of the service deserves the best said. President Gürün; . Together with our esteemed fellow citizens, we are together at the opening of a service we have brought to Muğla. When we evaluate in Muğla, the bus terminal that consists of solar panels and 80 of its energy is produced for the first time. Turkey consisting of the solar panel roofing material across the first bus station. Such a bus station suits our beautiful Muğla. An important example of electricity energy in every field is to show our sensitivity about renewable energy when the utilization time of Muğla is evaluated. The roof of our Bodrum bus station, where we have started to produce and will soon make a groundbreaking ceremony, will also consist of solar panels. We continue to make a great contribution to our environment and budget with the sun fields in the slaughterhouse facilities that we built during the period of Muğla Municipality. We are protecting the Muğla with its metropolitan services and projects, realizing innovative works and investing in the future. We are one of the most investing institutions in our country. In our city, the Metropolitan 2014 regular solid waste facilities, excavation areas, boat waste collection service from the only ones in the big cities on the coast of Turkey, medical waste facility, we have established a recycling facility. With these projects, we have won first place and success awards in the field of municipality. Health, agriculture, culture, transportation, infrastructure to be an example to Turkey, we made major investments and projects, we will continue to perform well. Our aim is to increase our love, to increase our tolerance and to look at each other with a smile. Because it doesn't cost you smile. We will continue to work with our strength to ensure that our citizens live in a peaceful and happy city where love is ruled, with services. Im

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