In MANULAŞ New Service Building

manulas new service building
manulas new service building

In order to provide better service to the citizens, MANULAŞ A.Ş moved to the new building next to the electric bus charging station next to the Manisa Intercity Bus Terminal and hosted the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, Aytaç Yalçınkaya.

MANULAŞ A.Ş moved to the new service building at the back of the Manisa Intercity Bus Terminal and hosted the Secretary General of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Aytaç Yalçınkaya. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Özgür Temiz, General Manager of MANULAŞ A.Ş. General Secretary of Metropolitan Municipality Aytaç Yalçınkaya made inspections in MANULAŞ Inc.'s new service building. Yalçınkaya shouted hands with the staff, wished good deeds. Yalçınkaya, who visited the charging station and parking area of ​​the Electric Buses which will be in Manisa transportation in the coming days, met with the personnel who would be a driver in the electric buses. , We will enter a new era in the transportation of Manisa. I want you to be very careful while you do this. Good luck. Hayır The Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Aytaç Yalçınkaya, and his retinue, made a meeting on transportation.

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