Kara Train Park and Train Library Opened in Efeler

land train park and train pole service
land train park and train pole service

Efeler Municipality, the first train of Aydın and the Train Library, which is the first in Aydın, was opened with a ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the historic steam locomotive which was transformed into the Black Train Park and the Train Library by the Municipality of Efeler on the Ataturk Boulevard in the Cumhuriyet District. The candidate of the Democratic Party (DP), Efeler Mayor M. Mesut Özakcan, DP Aydın Province Chairman Serhat Emanet, Efeler District Head Yilmaz, Efeler City Council President Dr. Tuncay Erdemir, the headman of the Republican District Ahmet Ören, MHP member of parliament Ethem Yesilyurt, DP members of the city council, including a large number of citizens.

The National Anthem of the Republic of Turkey Ahmet Ören said, X Thanks to the Mayor of Efeler Mesut Özakcan, Xnumx has seen services worthy of our name throughout the year and I believe that we will continue to see the 5 year after year with our president. He is our brother, Mesut Abimiz. I would like to thank Mesut Abim, Mesut President and all the staff of the Municipality of Efeler for all my services in the neighborhood.


55'in park that the opening of the DP candidate, the Mayor of Efeler M. Mesut Ozakcan, beri We have been socializing since the day we came, where we can find peace and rest of our neighborhood according to the needs and zoning of the situation we have opened to the service of our citizens. We have evaluated each area and greening. The number of parks we have opened with the Black Train Park and Train Library we opened today is 55. At the same time, we have repaired and repaired our 44 park so far. Aynı


Mayor Ozakcan, who is also an example of nostalgia and being the first in Aydın, provides information about Kara Train Park and Train Library. In the month of our contract with the Municipality of Efeler and TCDD was brought to our district. 2009 series steam locomotive is the production of 2018 Skoda factory. 2018 year until July of freight and passenger transportation in the Republic of Turkey has served on Railways. The land train, which had a locomotive and a passenger car, was transformed into a center to follow the local press and the library, which can be used by our people after the construction and renovation. The land train that will offer a service that has not existed before in Aydın has already attracted the attention of many of our citizens. With the library, daily and weekly local newspapers can be read, and the internet will also be available in our train park. Of course we have not forgotten our children. Our land train park is very close to the Aydın Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. For this reason, in order to make our children happy and have fun, we set up various play groups in the area around the Black Train and made landscaping operations. I would like to thank the TCDD officials who contributed to gaining the locomotive and wagon to our district.

I wish all of our province, our district, our neighborhood and our library auspicious good luck, I present my love and respects Tüm.

After the speeches, the opening ribbon of Kara Train Park and Train Library was interrupted by the protocol members. Later, Mayor of the Municipality of Efeler M. Mesut Özakcan visited the park and the library and made various investigations.

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