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kucukcekmece reach ussu
kucukcekmece reach ussu

Küçükçekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz said that Küçükçekmece will be the transportation hub in the next period. Here are all the details İşte

Küçükçekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz stated that it will be the transportation base of Küçükçekmece. According to Eren Aka of Hurriyet Newspaper; Binali Yildirim, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) as a great chance of presidential candidate of the Basic Black Sea; Cek Binali Yıldırım will solve the traffic problem of Istanbul with the projects it will do. Küçükçekmece is the new transportation hub of Istanbul. Now every subway will pass through Küçükçekmece. The projects of IMM are very important for our district. Halkalı-Third airport and Halkalı-Çatalca metro lines will make our district a transportation base and you can easily KabataşWe can go up to. The metro project from Beşiktaş will stop by Küçükçekmece. The extension of Marmaray will meet with Küçükçekmece soon. Not only in Istanbul just a few hours to reach the major cities of Turkey. With the realization of these projects, the transportation problem in Küçükçekmece will be significantly improved. Küçükçekmece will add value to its value ”.


Bağcılar (Kirazlı) - Küçükçekmece (with a total length of 9.4 kilometers)HalkalıWhen the Metro Line is completed, transportation between the two districts will be made in a short time of 14 minutes. 14 km long Mahmutbey - HalkalıWhen the Bahçeşehir Metro Line is completed, transportation between the two districts will take place in 21 minutes. Ataköy - İkitelli Metro Line, which is 13 kilometers long, will have 12 stations in total. Once completed, transportation between Ataköy and İkitelli will be provided in 19.5 minutes. 21 kilometers long Zeytinburnu- Halkalı There will be a total of 9 stations in the Customs-Marmaray line. When it is completed, the transportation between Ataköy and Ikitelli can be done in 19.5 minutes.

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