Another City Bus in Konya

a new one has been added to the city bus lines
a new one has been added to the city bus lines

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 11 As of February Monday, the new bus line will be put into service by the 76 Karatepe Gaza Street, which runs between the Alakova Neighborhood and the Aladdin Boulevard on the Alakova Movement Center.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 11 is adding a new line to mass transportation as of February.

The new bus line 76, which will serve between Alakova Movement Center and Alaaddin Boulevard, will be launched from February to February.


The route of the 76 bus line to be commissioned; Alakova Movement Center, Karatepe Street, Ekin Street, Akasma Street, Yügalakova Street, Sakirler Street, Sakli Street, Antalya Ring Road, Gaza Street, Chechnya Street, Ahmet Özcan Street, Stad Street, Alaaddin Boulevard.

11 The flight times of the 76 bus line, which will be available on Monday, February, were announced on the tariff panels and on the tariff boards via the web address

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