Konyaalti Snow Challenge, Hisarçandır Road is being openned


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Konyaalti District of Hisarçandır District is opening the snow-covered road. The teams are fighting in the region with a layer of snow reaching 1 meters.

Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya in recent days due to severe storms and rainfall in the transportation due to a lack of hassle to show a busy work. Department of Rural Services teams, high-cuts due to heavy snowfall in the busy roads to open the way.

Snow thickness 1 meter
In this context, the teams work in the high parts of the Hisarçandır Mahallesi, which is 20 kilometers away from Konyaaltı. Snow thickness reached approximately 1 meters in height, Turkey to provide transportation to the area where the transmitter Radio and Television Agency is given a tough fight.

Consultant for the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality İsa Akdemir went to the region and examined the studies on the fight against snow.

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