Konya Metro Project has reached the tender stage

konya subway has come to tender stage
konya subway has come to tender stage

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, KonyaMediterraneanstating that the work continues on the roads, geler Especially in the mountainous regions of the viaduct and tunnel work in a concentrated state. Our aim is KonyaAegean and Central Anatoliato connect the ports in the Mediterranean basin with tourism areas in the region, ye he said.

Minister Turhan, visited the AK Party Konya Provincial Directorate in the statement, said that the crossroads of the transportation routes of the province.

Reminding that the roads connecting Konya to the neighboring provinces were turned into divided roads, Turhan stated that the works that will raise the physical standards continue in some sections.

Turhan pointed out that the works on the roads that will ensure the connection of Konya to the Mediterranean Region are continuing and said:

Ük Our work in the viaduct and tunnel is particularly concentrated in the mountainous regions. Our aim is to relate the ports in the Mediterranean basin to the tourism areas in the region, such as the roads connecting Konya to the Central and Western Anatolia and the Aegean. In this way, to improve the transportation infrastructure, which will enable the tourists coming to the Mediterranean to reach the Konya region in a more comfortable way to make better use of the tourism capacity. Bö

Konya Metro has come to tender stage

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) underlines that the very important gain of Konya Turhan, the construction of the logistics center in the coming days will be put into service gave the good news.

Turhan said that they are continuing to work on the project that will connect Konya with Mersin via Karaman via Mersin, and said:

Hızlı In the fast railway project between Konya and Karaman, signaling studies are continuing. He will continue to serve in this year to be completed and signaled. Konya, a fast developing province in the region. There is a metro project to solve the problem of public transportation in the city. We completed our project works with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya and the decision of the Council of Ministers. He's at the tender stage. Konya is not only an industrial and tourism city, but also the educational city of 5. 130 thousand students are studying in Konya. This is a very important potential. It was unthinkable for Konya to train infrastructure services to this education system with the facilities and resources of the metropolitan municipality. For this purpose, our Government will have implemented the project in order to facilitate the tendering of the public transport metro system in the city in the coming period and to ease the problem. Un

During the visit, Turhan was accompanied by AK Party Chairman of Konya Province Hasan Angı, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay and mayors of central districts.

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