They Intervened in a Tram Accident in Kocaeli

Akçaray Crash Drill in Transportation Park
Akçaray Crash Drill in Transportation Park

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, a subsidiary of TransportationPark Inc., Directorate of Rail Systems, the Directorate of Fire and Rail Systems for the accidents that may occur on the tramway emergency teams teams organized a drill. The ability to work in practice and any shortcomings and accidents that should be taken into account were taken into consideration.

TransportationPark Inc. and inspired by a real scenario in the drill with the Kocaeli Fire Department. According to the scenario, the tram of the 4111, which moves to approach the warehouse site of the business building, derails from an unknown cause while approaching the warehouse. At that time, the personnel controlling the rails are staying on the derelict tram that comes right to it.

At first, Vatman informs the control center by radio. In order to reach detailed information, Vatman, who is rapidly going off from the vehicle, checks the radio with detailed information to the control center. Rail systems control center informs emergency response teams of Transportation as soon as they are notified. At the same time, the 112 Emergency Call Center transfers information about the subject.

Deray Response Teams, which came to the event area in a short time, are also starting their security studies rapidly. The scene is quickly taken by the teams to the security strip. Teams cut off the energy in the catenary line and ground at both points. Meanwhile, the firefighters coming to the scene quickly are informed by the relevant supervisor.

At the end of the exercise, which is not a reality and quoted from a real scenario, the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department made a joint work and saved the injured personnel from under the tram and sent them to the hospital. After the shipment, the tram was derailed by the 'Deray Intervention Teams'. In this way, the staff under the trolley were rescued and the re-entry of the tram to the rails was successful.

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