Japanese Sleep Trains

Japanese Sleep Trains 10
Japanese Sleep Trains 10

These trains in Japan look very ordinary from the outside, but they are very different. These trains, which have been traveling since the 1960s, do not have a seat, no seats.

The Japanese economy has made a major breakthrough in the 1960. As a result of this breakthrough, the country's railroads developed. During this period, the trains of sleep among the trains offered to people for long distance trips were very fashionable.

Later emerged bus companies, cheap local airlines, high-speed trains, the demand for sleep trains decreased and these trains were removed from the rail.

Today, only two of these trains work actively: Sunrise Seto and Sunrise Izumo. These two trains go from Tokyo to 14 as a single train. When they come to Okayama, they are divided into two. Seto and Izumo, departing from 7 on 2 wagon at Okayama station, continue their journey in different directions. Sunrise Seto, Takamatsu are going to go to Sunrise Izumo from Izumo.

On the way back, trains meeting in Okayama are reunited and 14 is returning to Tokyo as a single train with wagons.

Sunrise Seto / Izumo does not have the usual seats. Instead, wagons have individual small cabins and an open space called 'nobi nobi'. It is possible to sleep on the floor in personal cabins.

According to the type of compartment, the owners of the Japanese Railway Card can pay an extra fee up to 153 dollars. Nobi nobiler is usually free.

There is also a train service on the train, but the number of cards required for showers is small and usually gets caught by the first ticket. They also have toilets, vending machines and seating areas.

In Japan today, sleep trains are re-fashioned. These trains are more like the luxury hotel rooms. Some trains have luxury like panoramic windows, menus prepared by Michelin star chefs and working fireplaces. The ticket prices of these trains can reach up to 10 thousand dollars.

Twilight Express Mizukaze

The dining car is stylish.

Seven Star Train

Choosing vintage as a concept, this train is also quite eye-catching.

In our country, train journeys are becoming quite popular in recent years. Would you like to travel with such a train?

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