Action for Ayfer in İZBAN

mobilization for ayfer
mobilization for ayfer

We were mobilized to restore Ayfer Kimran, the box office attendant, who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Upon the invitation of the İZBAN management, the Turkish Red Crescent established a special center in Alsancak Station in order to have a mother and her child, Ayfer Kirman, a stem cell and a suitable cam. In order to return Ayfer Kimran to health as soon as possible, our employees, 150 donated blood cells and blood to the center. The Red Crescent sent the 112 stem cell and 83 blood donation sample to the laboratory for fitness testing. Ayfer Kimran who cannot produce buttonholes due to her illnesses, can also go to Ege University Department of Hematology and get AB Rh (+) blood and platelet donation. Hematalogy Service will provide blood donation by reaching people when needed.

Aplastic anemia is a condition in which the bone marrow cannot produce enough or no new cells. It can be seen in almost every age. The disease which causes a serious decrease in blood cells adversely affects the immune system of the person. It causes the disease factors to spread more easily and more rapidly in the body, and to make the person open to the disease. In the diagnosis, the disease can be treated with drugs and blood transfusions and may require bone marrow transplantation in late diagnosis.

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