2,7 Million Load Moved from Istanbul Airports

Airports in Istanbul
Airports in Istanbul

The amount of cargo carried on arrival and departure flights from all airports in Istanbul last year was determined as 206 million 756 thousand 2 tons with an increase of 743 thousand 725 compared to the previous year.

Accordingly, in 2018, Ataturk Airport departed 193 thousand 640 from domestic flights and 2 million 217 thousand 293 tons of cargo from international flights. Last year, 2 million 410 thousand 933 tons of cargo, Turkey's busiest border crossing was used for the transport of mail by courier.

At Atatürk Airport, while 2017 million 2 thousand 188 tons of freight traffic occurred on domestic and international lines in 948, 2017 thousand 221 tons of cargo growth was recorded compared to 985 last year.

Last year, a total of 148 thousand 630 tons of cargo was carried from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, including 183 in domestic and 552 in international lines.

29 tons of cargo was carried from Istanbul Airport, the first phase of which was opened with a ceremony on October 610th, and some flights were carried out last year.

Last year, 308 tons of baggage, cargo and mail were transported from Istanbul Airport to domestic and international lines.


Last year, the cargo transported by airplanes on all flights from airports in Istanbul was determined as 2 million 743 thousand 725 tons. In the previous year, the amount of cargo transported from Istanbul airports was recorded as 2 million 536 thousand 969 tons.

According to the data, it was recorded that the cargo transported from Istanbul airports last year increased by 2017 thousand 206 tons compared to 756.

Turkey and all airport from cheap luggage transported in general cargo and mail traffic, 2018 was estimated to be 3 million 821 thousand 894 tons.

Last year, it was determined that a total of 2 million 743 thousand 725 tons of air cargo was transported from Istanbul's airports by all flights.

Thus, approximately 72 percent of all airports oriented to be transported is transported from Istanbul in Turkey was detected.



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