Construction Plans for Two Metro Lines to Istanbul Airport Approved

zoning plans of two metro lines were approved to Istanbul airport
zoning plans of two metro lines were approved to Istanbul airport

📩 19/02/2019 10:53

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, Istanbul Airport - which will provide transportation to Istanbul Airport in FebruaryHalkalı and Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport, the new development plans were approved.

The report presented to the IMM Assembly wasHalkalı In the statement made about the line; Havalimanı Istanbul Airport-Halkalı Vezneciler-Arnavutköy Metro Line route, which is being constructed by Metropolitan Municipality, will be terminated at Fenertepe Station. Both lines will be integrated at Fenertepe Station. Considering the effect of the 'Traditional Sports Center Project' and the 'Olimpiyatköy Station', which were tendered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the location of Olimpiyatköy Station; Considering that the line is revised so as not to affect the size, plan and profile, it is considered that these proposal plans are appropriate because they are aimed at resolving the transportation problems of Istanbul. etkil

Revisions to the Istanbul Airport-Gayrettepe line were made for the connection of public transportation lines and for the establishment of integration.

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