Asphalt on Alternative Road at Işık Street


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, with the expansion work of Izmit Street Street from Izmit Street is making an alternative road. When the alternative road started at Işık Street, which is located at the former prison site, is completed, the Radar area, Acıbadem Hospital, Kuruçeşme and the city center can be easily reached. In the past, the prison, now Nuh Cement Education Campus, which is located just behind the building, asphalt paving work began on the alternative road.

Car owner citizens, using this road on the Light Street, Ankara and Istanbul can go easily. In addition, this alternative road will facilitate access to İnkılap Street and İsmail Ayyıldız Hoca Street. Within the scope of the studies, he started his asphalt works just behind the Nuh Çimento Education Campus. On the way, the teams that perform the production of stormwater, will begin lighting works.

Within the scope of the alternative road construction made on Işık Street, a thousand 872 tons of asphalt, a thousand 300 tons of plen-mix, 600 cubic meters of stone walls and a thousand 600 square meters will be manufactured. When the road works are completely finished; It will become an alternative route for the radar area, Acıbadem Hospital, Kuruçeşme, and the city center.

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