Signage to the tram that is not even made to tender!

tramway signage
tramway signage

The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's Gebze-Darıca metro, which has not yet been tendered before the June 24, 2018 elections, has been the subject of controversy. The municipality has now applied for a similar route for the Izmit-Alikahya tram, which has not been built yet.

According to the news of Uğur Enç from SÖZCÜ, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality of AKP hung a 'metro' sign in Gebze district center before the June 24 elections and caused controversy in this city. This time the municipality placed a tram stop sign in the Alikahya region to show that a tram will be built between Izmit and Alikahya. It was noteworthy that the sign of the tram, which can greatly solve the transportation problem of citizens in the region where Kocaeli Stadium is located, is hanged days before the March 31 elections.


The Izmit-Alikahya tramway, which has not been completed yet, is expected to be added to the 7 kilometer line, which currently operates between Sekapark-Otogar. It is not clear when the tender will be held and whether construction works will start this period.


About the subject SözcüSpeaking to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, CHP Councilor Ercan Umutlu said, “We are experiencing a similar situation in Kocaeli in almost every election period. AKP members have a choice by promising. In another election, they hold the citizen with mock-ups and signs. Finally, they say 'we are building'. They spend 3 election periods with a project. Whatever has been done in Kocaeli in 15 years, CHP municipalities have done more in just 2 years. They are in pursuit of success by selling the legacy of the seven fathers, as if they were children. They have come to this day with the budgets they have created by selling İZGAZ and CHP gains without doing anything. Today, they are not afraid of similar attitudes and deceiving the citizens. ” (SPOKESMAN)


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