The Claim That One Of The Two Companies Is Going In IGA

igada is going to one of the two companies claim
igada is going to one of the two companies claim

It is claimed that a shareholder is about to leave after Kolin Construction has transferred its 20 share to Kalyon in Istanbul Airport.

Official opening of the 29 October 2018 Istanbul Airport, a new one was added to the transfer of shares between the partners was claimed. It was suggested that a share transfer was expected some time ago after Kalyon Construction took over the 20 share of Kolin Construction.

airporthab isAccording to the news, Kolin Construction's 20 share by taking over the 40 share in the share of the 20 shares and a large partner in the status of Kalyon Construction, the owner of the other share in the XNUMX to move to become the owner.

It is claimed that Kalyon Construction is preparing to acquire the shares of Cengiz İnşaat or Mapa İnşaat, which owns a share of 20.


If this purchase is realized, it will continue with three partners at Istanbul Airport. Kalyon Construction will reach its big partner position with a 60 percent share. One of Limak and Mapa or Cengiz İnşaat will continue as a partner. The total share of the remaining two companies will be 40 percent.



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