İBB introduces ”Outstanding Machines of Cezeri'n to Istanbul

ibb temerinin olaganustu machines meet with istanbul
ibb temerinin olaganustu machines meet with istanbul

The extraordinary machines designed by the great Islamic scientist Al Jazeera, who made the world's first humanoid robots centuries ago and considered the pioneer of mechanics, are exhibited in the exhibition prepared with the support of IMM.

İs Cezeri's Extraordinary Machines büyük exhibition, based on the principle of or Look at the History, Write the Future! Edil, brings together the works of the great Islamic scientist İsmail Ebul İz Bin Rezzaz Al Jazeri, who is accepted as the pioneer of modern mechanics with his time-honored ideas and inventions. Known as the greatest inventor of Anatolia, Cezeri's extraordinary machines, 800, were revived with a meticulous work of 15 year after year.

With the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Cezayir Museum, 15 will open its doors at UNIQ Expo in Maslak in February. Kitab-ul Hiyel in the century, according to the tariff produced machines are transferred to the present day. The exhibition, which can be considered as the archeology of the history of science, is a first in the world with this structure.

The exhibition will introduce science and art lovers to the mechanical science that led to the industrial revolution after Cezeri. For the exhibition, re-made machine and tool versions used water as the energy source. The most important feature of the exhibition is that the machines and tools that have been re-made in accordance with the original are in operation.

The exhibition, which clearly demonstrates the working principles of the works, can be seen with examples from many works of Cezeri such as the encrypted and four sliding door locks, the encrypted safe, the world famous elephant water clock, the monument water clock and the vending machine with the first humanoid robot.

1500 will be installed in the square meter area, 66 is equipped with various tools and machines. The dimensions of some machines find the 4 meter. The story of the exhibition is told with the living objects of mechanics. To emphasize the historical context, there is a large poster pool rich in science.

In the exhibition; The scientific and technical legacy of Cezeri, taken from his predecessors and handed over to the others, will convey to the visitors the reflections of the cultural atmosphere of the period.

In order to support this visuality, there will be giant paintings showing the place of Cezeri's mechanical tools in the palace and community life. In addition to working tools; the replica (one-to-one copies) and models of some historical, architectural and cultural elements will enrich the exhibition.

The new versions of the works of scientists like Da Vinci, Galileo, James Watt and Takiyüddin will be seen in the exhibition with the reconstruction of the inventions of the scientists who were influenced by Cezeri. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and experiment with the devices in the exhibition.


The exhibition in Outstanding Machines of Cezeri çocuk will be hosted by 7 to 77 and will host children's workshops in every market. After the exhibition visit, which is full of science, art and history, the children who will re-create some of Cezeri's inventions will increase their creativity and imagination. 30 eleri Cezeri's Extraordinary Machines Exhibition gün will continue until June and can be visited every day of the week.

Exhibition visiting hours:
Location: UNIQ Expo - Maslak
Monday: 12.00-18.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10.00-18.00
Weekend: 10.00-19.00


The physicist, robot and scientist İsmail Ebul İz Bin Rezzaz al Jazari, who was accepted as the founder of the cybernetic field (not requiring human intervention), was born in 1136 in the Tor district of Cizre district of Diyarbakır. He died at 1206 in Cizre.

He concentrated on physics and mechanics, and realized many principles and inventions. The earliest known written record about robotics is Cezeri. Cezeri, even in a chaotic period, science, technology, art and urbanization, even as the engineer is known.

Cezeri, who has been working as an 25-1181 palace engineer for a year in Artuklu Palace; Water Clocks, Candle Clocks, Hand Washing and Ablution Receiving Apparatus, Measuring Instruments Used in Blood, Automatic Music Arrangements, Various Robots, Water Equipments that are Very Effective in the Agricultural Revolution of the Time, Water Pumps Running Machines, Fountains, Permanent Tape Making Appliances, He is an engineer who knows the Metal Casting Technique.


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