Target, Accessible and Esthetic Bursa

target reachable and aesthetic bursa
target reachable and aesthetic bursa

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas met with citizens in Küçükbalıklı, they focused on transportation and zoning studies in Bursa, the city's horizontal architecture with the West and North indexed development will show the will of the show, he said.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, who continued the Bereket Sofrası tradition in Osmangazi district, met with the residents after the morning prayer at Küçükbalıklı Central Mosque. AK Party Osmangazi District Chairman Ufuk Ay and metropolitan bureaucrats attended the breakfast program with simit, cheese, olives and tea.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, the subject of poetry and songs, but as a result of the rapid growth of various difficulties in Bursa struggling with the most important 3 problem of transportation, zoning and green space, he said. 2017 2 thousand 906 2018 thousand in the year 30 thousand, 2019 thousand people in the 54 15 also recorded an increase, President Aktas, XNUMX months ago when they came to work as a result of junction arrangements and strip development work, they provide partial relief of traffic. President Aktaş stated that they will prepare more radical works in the new period and prepare priority projects for transportation, reconstruction and urban transformation. Hazır Our main goal is to make way roads with certain locations, especially Acemler. We want to enlarge the city with the West and North indexed by horizontal settlement. Green fields have a strong will in the direction of urgent replication, Yeşil he said.




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