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The bus driver who served in the Directorate of Bus Operations of Afyonkarahisar Municipality, Isa Dülger, delivered the wallet full of money that he found in the public bus he used to reach out to the owner. Driver Jesus Dülger, Ans-Ozdilek during the campaign, a passenger on the bus 250 Euro, 395 TL and credit card and ID card in the identity of the handler by handing the wallet did not die of exemplary behavior.


ANS- Özdilek driver Isa Dulger said that he had moved to do the expedition. Dülger stated that he wanted another passenger coming to the hotel to give the forgotten wallet to him when he noticed and said c We have learned not to eat haram bite from our elders. I have made it possible for me to reach out to the owner as well as for my duty. All my chauffeur friends and I work with the awareness of this. Citizens can rely on the Bus Management Directorate staff and drivers with peace of mind. Vat


Dülger, the public bus driver who kept the wallet he found in the vehicle, conveyed the subject to the related superiors. After the expedition, the driver from the public bus garage delivered the wallet together with the staff. In the wallet, 250 Euro and 395 TL, credit card, identity and driver's license were determined. The garage supervisor immediately started the relevant operations related to the subject. The passenger who lost his wallet was contacted. The public relations staff informed the passenger that the wallet is safe and that he needs to come to the public bus garage to take delivery.


The university student, who learned that his wallet was safe in the Bus Operations, came to the public bus garage the next day. Before handing over the wallet together with the minutes, the public relations staff handed over the wallet and asked the passenger for confirmation. Expressing his gratitude to the driver, Hakan Karaböcek said; '' I was going to go abroad for training soon. For this, my wallet had some Euro and Turkish lira. I was delighted to have my wallet and to reach out to me. Thank you very much for the bus management and the driver who found the wallet. '' He said.


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