Giant Cooperation for a Safe Future


The summit of the city came together in the protocol ceremony signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Security Directorate in order to provide more effective security services in Bursa.

While carrying out projects that will carry Bursa to the future in all areas from transportation to infrastructure, from sport to historical heritage, the Metropolitan Municipality, which cooperates with all public institutions, especially Security and National Education, is signing a new project with the Security Directorate for a safer Bursa. The 18 land area of ​​Milli Emlak, which is located just behind BURULAŞ in Odunluk Mahallesi, will serve the security of the city with this project. Following the change of plans to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the region will be reorganized in order to deploy public and all motorized teams. Furthermore, the Metropolitan Municipality will make a multipurpose meeting room with closed area of ​​200 square. The meeting hall will be named after the police officer Hayrettin Yılmaz who was killed at the beginning of his mission on 23 October 2018 and thus the name of the martyr will be immortalized. Again, the environmental wall, workspaces, social areas, maintenance areas, storage and parking areas and other structures and facilities needed will be prepared jointly by a technical commission to be established between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Police Department.

Strengthens peace and well-being

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Mayor Alinur Aktas, Provincial Police Director Osman Ak, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman, Bursa Deputies Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Refik Özen, Osman Mesten, Ahmet Kılıç, Mustafa Esgin, Zafer Işık and Atilla Borrow, Martyr Polis Hayrettin Yilmaz's father Tuncer Yilmaz and his sister Ozge Artillery also attended. Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, X Our security services, gendarmes and security forces are working on 7 hours based on 24 hours. While we are sitting inside our house, they are devoted to feast, seyran, weekend, day and night. New areas of work are needed to enable them to perform more efficiently. We are on the 18 acres of land in the reconstruction after the reconstruction teams will be deployed here. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will give the name of our martyr police to the multipurpose hall. Thus, the name of our martyrs will be immortalized. The project that we will bring here will give strength to the peace and joy of our Bursa. Buraya

Thanks to the Metropolitan

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat said that public institutions will act together and implement an important project in the name of security. Canbolat noted that the Metropolitan Municipality has an important contribution in this project, bir Our security and prevention teams will be here. From here, our motorized teams will be able to intervene in every region more closely. A training center will be built by our Metropolitan Municipality. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for their contribution to the project that will contribute to the security and well-being of our city. Ş

Traffic academy for children

Provincial Police Chief Osman Ak said they had determined this point in order to deploy the Traffic Branch Directorate in a suitable place as a result of their joint work with the Metropolitan Municipality. Osmangazi and Nilufer districts located on the border of a very strategic area that expresses the area of ​​Ak, Ak, bölge traffic junction point Acemler Junction just behind the back. Here we will have the chance to intervene in both Mudanya and Izmir and Ankara routes. In addition, this project will provide a traffic academy for children at the end. There will be runways and training materials for our children. We will be able to give all kinds of traffic education to our children here. Çocuklar

What we need to do

Bursa deputy Hakan Çavuşoğlu said: Yun As a venue for the city, the city will be deployed here. Yunuslar will perform an important service for the security, security and traffic of Bursa. In Turkey, our police, security forces, the gendarmerie for our municipality, as the center of power, what little we do as a philanthropist and industrialist. They are working day and night without compromising our nation's security, risking themselves for security, Onlar he said.

The protocol for the project that will be realized after the speeches was signed between the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, Governor Yakup Canbolat and the Police Chief Osman Ak.



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