Modern Pedestrian Bridge to Gebze

Modern Pedestrian Crossing to Gebze
Modern Pedestrian Crossing to Gebze

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, in addition to the work done to regulate vehicle traffic, pedestrians are able to travel in traffic comfortably. The Metropolitan Municipality built pedestrian bridges at the high traffic flows, making crossings more secure. In this context, the work on the pedestrian overpass built at the Osman Yılmaz Quarter of Istanbul's Gebze district has come to an end.

The pedestrian bridge built on the Gebze Istanbul Avenue by the Department of Transportation will ensure that pedestrians pass safely across the street. The bridge built on the west of Istanbul Caddesi and the Martyr Hasan Tahsin Büyükçoban Street intersection will be an important transition for students. Located in the south of the street, Ayse Sıdıka Alişan Primary School students will be able to reach the school comfortably and safely by passing the bridge in front of the school.

The project is about to be completed within the scope of the pedestrian crossing by the staff of the metropolitan municipality is done by the finishing touches. The 42 meter-long pedestrian bridge was built in 3 meters wide. The bridge has a height of 5.60 meters. 2 tone structural steel was used on the bridge. In the walking part of the bridge 140 square glass railing was made. Mast and floor armatures were placed on the bridge for illumination.

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