GAZİULAŞ Workers get a rise in Their Salary

34 hike to the veteran staff
34 hike to the veteran staff

Collective Labor Agreement was signed between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Öztaşıma İş Union affiliated to Hak-İş. According to the signed contract, Gaziantep Transportation Inc. (GAZİULAŞ) received a 34 percent hike.

Speaking to the employees at the signing ceremony held in the Castle Restaurant, the Governor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin said, Gaziantep Families, children, women and souls are entrusted to you. We've uploaded the 2 million deposit. The load is heavy. It is the greatest trust of the Prophet. I instructed my friends, give the worker the right to dry the forehead. You will receive your salary. Development happens with justice. 2 million people on the steering wheel of the person you have to be fair. At the point where we came; You get a 34 raise, good luck. Mustafa Toruntay, the Chairman of the Self-Carrying-Business Union, told me: What about? We gave him that. Good luck. Hayır

Speaking highly of GAZİULAŞ employees, Şahin continued as follows: “I have to fulfill my promises. My President says 'The word is honor'. If there is a word of mouth, it should be done. The traitors gave us a blow in 2016. I am in Istanbul. My first order was a pile of heavy construction equipment and buses in front of the brigade. You made the first move in Gaziantep and set an example. Homeland, adhan, take bayraklı You said we sacrifice our lives for the flag. You are the grandchildren of Şahinbey, Şehitkamil. "

Sezer Cihan, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, also talked about the activities and the post-election activities.

Describing the improved conditions of GAZİULAŞ employees, Cihan stated that they will do more work in the future period.

The Chairman of Self-Carrying-Work Union Mustafa Toruntay thanked President Sahin and wished the contract to be beneficial in both sides.

GAZİULAŞ employees who enjoyed a great joy after the collective bargaining agreement, showed a love for President Fatma Şahin.



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