Eastern Express Timetable Changed

Eastern Express Timetable Changed

Eastern Express Timetable Changed

Eastern Express Expedition Times Changed: TCDD Erzurum Railway Directorate announced that Eastern Express train service times have been changed. Kars-Erzurum-Ankara line of the train, Erzurum, which is not suitable for passengers in the time of the trip was re-arranged.

Ak Party Erzurum deputy Andan Yilmaz's train train arrangements made as a result of the initiatives would be more appropriate for passengers at an hour, withdrew into the evening.

Stating that work has been started for citizens to realize a peaceful, safe and comfortable journey, Yılmaz said, iyle With changing times, both our people will be comfortable and the interest in train services will increase. The train, which reached Erzurum before midnight, was withdrawn to 19.25 after the new arrangement. In this way, our passengers will be able to travel by train at a more convenient time. ”

Health Minister Recep Akdag's voyages as a result of the support of the voicing rearranged Yilmaz, "Prime Minister of Erzurum has a word, I hope 2018 year in Erzurum fast train will attain," he said.

Referring to the ongoing renovation work on the existing railroads, Yılmaz said, ”Erzurum - Ankara train journey decreased from 24 hours to 21 hours with these renovation works. After the studies are completed, this period will fall down. ”

For a long time Turkey's next to the train tracks while renovation work on four points, the station has been reached at the end of the repair and renovation work in the building. The station building, which has a modern appearance, has been designed to meet the needs of all passengers.

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