Great Interest to the Eastern Express

Eastern Express Timetable Changed
Eastern Express Timetable Changed

The Eastern Express, which is operated by TCDD General Directorate of Transport on the Ankara-Kars route, has become one of the most preferred trains especially thanks to the importance given to the train in recent years and the cooperation with tour operators.

The East Express, which attracts thousands of kilometers from the 300 kilometer at about 25 and is attracting attention from abroad, is still continuing its journey with a four-bed, four-pulman, two-bereted, one wagon.

All four pulleys, two sleds and two sleepers in the Eastern Express are all allocated to individual passengers and 30 is offered for sale before the day.

Agencies, associations, student groups, photography groups, mountaineering clubs, foundations etc. For groups, two sleepers are added.

In the 2018-2019 season, TCDD Transportation web site was announced for the fair allocation of two sleeper cars added to these groups, and the demands on the 04 June-20 July 2018 were evaluated and the two-berths connected for these groups were allocated equally.

Services are provided at very economical prices to allow young people, groups and other passengers to travel in an important destination of our country. The impact of these prices and the effect of quality in the comfort of the hotel, and the cooperation with the tour operators, is much more than the demand capacity of the Eastern Express.

The Eastern Express stands at the 52 station between Ankara and Kars, and for those of our passengers here, a pulman wagon is preferred in the train. According to the demand, the demand is answered by placing a bed or a wagon instead of a pulman wagon.



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