Eastern Express Hosts Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy

The East Express Culture and Tourism Minister
The East Express Culture and Tourism Minister

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Eastern Express hosted Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy got on the Eastern Express from Erzurum, who made the Ankara-Kars expedition with his accompanying people and was very popular in recent years. After reaching the Sarıkamış district of Kars at the end of the trip, which lasted approximately 3 hours, Ersoy was welcomed with flowers here.

Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy; “We came to Sarıkamış by train from Erzurum. It was a very nice journey. Kars was identified with the Orient Express and was very popular in Turkey. I hope how we can make it popular abroad, we will work on it. ” he spoke.

Expressing that they have created a winter corridor including Erzincan, Ağrı, Kars, Erzurum and Ardahan, Ersoy said that the train journey is very important.

“We are here to fill out a little more and how we can carry out tourism for 12 months, how we can increase your share of tourism, and to exchange views about it. We will discuss what we can do in the short, medium and long term, how we can remove obstacles in tourism, what we can do to encourage investors and you more. ” said.

Ersoy; Our country's most difficult climatic conditions in this geography, our people and the country to provide this beautiful service to tourism TCDD expressed satisfaction with the family of transportation.



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