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railroad workers clean snow and ice in order to avoid disruption
railroad workers clean snow and ice in order to avoid disruption

In heavy winter conditions, the railroad workers who work to prevent the disruption of railway transportation, snow and ice cleaning on the tracks during the winter.

The challenging and important railroad workers are struggling to keep trains from being interrupted. They are cleaning the snow-covered rails and breaking the icicles formed in the tunnels.

Workers working non-stop in harsh winter conditions are working according to the 24 hour working principle.

TRT News, 47, which continues its hard work near the village of Yağbasan in Sarıkamış, Kars. Road Maintenance Directorate accompanied the teams.

Road Maintenance Chief Mevlut Koyuncu, "both Baku-Tbilisi-Kars international railway line as well as the Eastern Express trains that will not interfere with the 24 hours working on the basis of the harsh winter conditions are working." He said.

200 kilometers rail entrusted to the team of 3 personality

The gigantic snowplow on the rail runs all day long, cleaning the rails so that trains can pass through.

200 kilometers from Erzurum Khorasan to Georgia border train 3 entrusted to the crew.

Birol Ağdağ snow globe operator is one of the oldest profession. Agdag shakes the steering wheel on the 32 for years:

. You can't do this when you don't like a love affair. In heavy winter conditions, the 24 watches the phone at a point where it is difficult to reach. Ağır

Tunnels clearing from ice

There are also tunnels working for the railroad safety. Water leaking through the walls of the tunnel creates huge ice masses, making the movement of trains difficult. Railroad workers are digging these ice cubes with digging and shovels.

The snow and ice shifts of the railway workers continue until April. (TRT)

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