The Heart of Railways - Eskisehir


Guests of the ES TV aired Layout program Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) President Atila Tumxuk, TÜLOMSAŞ is strong enough to be able to manufacture high-speed trains, said: "This State Railways, the heart of Turkey," he said. Atila Tomsuk, President of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), was the guest of the TV program published on ES TV. Tomsuk, Anadolu Newspaper columnist Arif Anbar answered questions.

According to the news on the site; Dile A local high-speed train auction was going to be made, Tulomsas was pretentious and Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avcı had expressed what they wanted to do. But not. Eskisehir was not injured in a high-speed train project, T Tomsuk said. Düşün Eskişehir is important for both State Railways and aviation. The development of this city depends on these two. Tülomsaş started to work in advance for these works. 2012-2013 has begun to build its infrastructures for doing this work. They talked to companies abroad. I know they're getting serious. And at the last minute, Tülomsaş was given the job. He went to another city. We're very sorry for that. This State Railways, the heart of Turkey. Tülomsaş is one of the biggest values ​​of this country. If this business was to stay in Eskişehir, many new friends would enter as workers. At the same time in Eskisehir in Turkey would solve the high-speed train system, our exports would be opened. I believe Tülomsaş has this ability. We ask the politicians and the deputies of the city to do all they can to make it back to Eskişehir. Because we have talent. In another place they will start from scratch. I think we still have a chance. As far as I know, although it was given, it still has not started. Çünkü

After the local elections, Mayor Tomsuk said that the expectations of the mayors were not built on the Alpu Plain. We have to use energy, we need to take measures accordingly. This is the point of renewable energy sources. We need to go to our renewable energy sources. The whole world goes to it. The European investment bank is currently not lending to thermal power plants. He won't let him invest. All thermal power plants are heading towards the finishing point in the world. There is no point in taking a finished technology from scratch and using it in our country. Instead, we need to return to renewable energy sources. We are a country with these resources. For example, we are now able to use the 10 of our wind energy, and we can only use the 2 of our solar energy. Mes (Last news)

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