Mountain Road Will Fold Economy

the road will fold the economy
the road will fold the economy

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, Orhaneli, Keles, Harmancik and Büyükorhan's 40 annual dream of the Mountain Road will be completed as soon as possible, the region will become the center of ecotourism and animal husbandry, he said.

President Alinur Aktas, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the campus of Altiparmak 'Bursa Business World and Employment Meeting' attended the meeting. Addressing the work of the Metropolitan Municipality on employment in the meeting, which also includes Minister of Labor and Social Security Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, President Aktaş said that the steps taken towards the development of the mountain regions and the activities carried out through BUSMEK have contributed positively to the number of qualified employees.

“High potential in the region“

The construction of the 2 kilometer tunnel, known as the ğ Mountain Road büyük, which was started near Doğancı Village and publicly known as the 'Mountain Road birlikte, continues with the speed of construction of the 220-meter viaduct. Stating that the mountain region has a serious potential for ecotourism and animal husbandry despite its 'low population', Aktaş said, için We took over a land of 82 acres from DSİ. It is a modern animal market and the region's meat combined facility. This is an issue that will further improve animal husbandry. There is an existing 2 facility related to ecotourism in the region, but we have at least one 7-8 approved project. There are many issues related to tourism, but the first condition of all of them to take action is to complete the Mountain Road. Turizm

”Erdoğan is our moral source“

In his speech, President Alinur Aktaş stated that President Erdoğan cared much about Bursa. President Aktaş stated that they were the closest witness when they hosted President Erdoğan the day before. He said: Başkan Our President has given good glad tidings on what we expect and care in our city. 'Example,' I say, urban subway lines-transportation related to the government did not work before. The 8-kilometer Osmangazi-Yıldırım subway line and the completion of the Mountain Road, which has been under way for many years, have been made. All of this has been a great source of morale for our city and our fellow citizens. Tüm




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