400 Million Travel Expected During Spring Festival Holiday in China

minde spring holiday holiday is expected 400 million travel
minde spring holiday holiday is expected 400 million travel

According to the 2019 Spring Feast holiday tourism trends report published by Ctrip, one of the biggest online tourism travel agencies in China, a total of 400 million travels will be made during the holiday, 7 million of which will be abroad.

04 February 2019 Monday - Spring Festival holiday officially started. In many countries of the world, Chinese tourists organize rich events to celebrate the Spring Festival.

According to the news of China International Radio; Between January 31 and February 11, bilateral high speed train service will be increased between Hong Kong Xijiulong station and Shenzhen Futian station. Between February 4-11, small passenger cars will be able to cross the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge free of charge. The number of shuttle buses on the bridge will also be increased. China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region entrance department estimates that around 7 million 320 thousand people will enter Hong Kong by sea, land or land during the Spring Feast holiday.

In addition to opening a festive market with festive gifts, flowers and fine food, a dragon and lion show, fireworks show and a floral vehicle show will be held in China's Macao Special Administrative Region before the Spring Festival.

According to Ctrip's report, Thailand is leading in the ranking of Chinese destinations abroad. The Thai administration, which wants to attract more Chinese tourists, continues to apply a free landing visa to Chinese tourists. Icons celebrating the Spring Festival were hanged in the big shopping malls in the capital, Bangkok. Activities such as dragon and lion dance are organized in Chinatown.

In Japan, where a large number of Chinese tourists go, a series of applications started to facilitate the shopping of tourists. Tokyo Tower, which is the symbol of the city of Tokyo on the eve of the feast, was first illuminated in 'Chinese red'.

A traditional fair is held in Singapore to celebrate the feast from February 3rd.

The situation is no different in Europe; For example, airports, shopping malls and hotels in France are using various ways to attract Chinese tourists during the Spring Festival. While many shops are decorated with Chinese-style elements, campaigns for Chinese tourists are also interesting. (Source: the Turizmhaber)



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