Support of Government to Bursa Railway System

first state support from the state
first state support from the state

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and all underground 28.8 kilometers, including the subway, some of the investments in the statement that some of the support for the new term for the new period, he said.

Evaluating President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Bursa meeting, Mayor Alinur Aktaş thanked the citizens who filled the square without caring for the cold weather. After the rally, President Aktaş, who met with President Erdoğan, who met in the Municipal Service building, and the projects they have prepared for the new era, emphasized that all the projects were liked and supported by Erdoğan.

First rail support from the state

Reminding that all the rail system investments have been made by the Metropolitan Municipality so far in Bursa, President Aktaş said, yapıl I have mentioned in our meetings with the President. 'There is 54 kilometer subway work in Bursa. This was done by Metropolitan Municipality. There is a great expectation that the Ministry supports this issue. We are engaged in the work of signaling optimization. 1,5 110 -120 is a million pounds study. With this work, our daily passenger number 287 bin 460 thousand will be released. At this point, your support will save the intense areas of Yıldırım-Osmangazi and all of them will extend from the underground to a long line of 28.8 kilometers to Nilüfer Çalı. ' It is very pleasing that our discourses are answered. We submitted our project to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. The President asked me to follow the process closely. There were also instructions for the realization of the tender as soon as possible Bir.

2 million dollar investment to T9

President Erdoğan promised support for Kent Meydanı - Terminal line, which was under construction, added that President Aktaş said, 'The contractor is being taken for the right to be granted new law. 80 part of the work is over, but due to the abnormal exchange in prices due to the increase in the dollar rate, the contractor does not want to continue. We are holding a new additional procurement tender. Also this place is made like a nostalgic train. No connection to the main line. There was a separate alternative to 1200 on the 3 meter to connect to the existing system. Approximately 9 will cost $ 1 million and will be integrated into the current line with our selected project. Yaklaşık

The rail system will be 114 mileage

President Aktas, the state-owned Yıldırım-Osmangazi-Nilufer metro, T2 line to be included in the system, the university line to Görükle and the Labor line to the city hospital extension of the rail system line 54 kilometers 114 kilometers, the signaling optimization studies are added daily 287 bin emphasized that the carriage will go to 1.1 million.

Current Railway Tender Schedule

For 19

Tender Notice: Spring Clamp Purchase

September 19 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
How 20
How 20
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