Bursa's Metro Line Length will be at 114,4 Km!

bursanin metro line length 1144 kmya
bursanin metro line length 1144 kmya

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, the city's transportation problems, 2023 and 2035 vision projects will be solved, he said. President Aktas, with the arrangements to be made 54,06 km existing rail system line 114,4 km, and the number of passengers carried from the day 286 thousand 1 million 322 thousand thousand will reach, stating, "Bursa, should be a world city," he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa Fan Club held at Almira Hotel 'Pre-Local Elections Metropolitan Mayor Candidates Meeting Meetings,' Bursa 2023-2035 Transport Vision told. Taş Bursa is a city that breaks the rites. There is a problem with urbanization in Bursa. We have to create a vision about Bursa. We asked 14 bin 326 to people in Bursa, we listened to our citizens at every opportunity. We identified the primary problem of Bursa as transportation and we accelerated the works at this point Bursa.

First of all, by producing short-term solutions in transportation, President Aktas explained that they breathed the city's traffic through smart junctions and road works, adding that they produced long-term solutions for the transportation of Bursa. Emphasizing that the Master Plan of Transportation is being studied in detail, Chairman Aktaş said, için We are working on our 2023 and 2035 vision projects in order to solve the problems of transportation. We have been revising the projects that have been damaged since we took office. We made discounts on water prices and transportation. With the short-term steps taken in transportation in the first place, public transportation has become more preferred. "This is the trailer of the film, the original movie will start later," we said. Because we have intense work on transportation of Bursa, Çünkü he said.

Existing rail system will increase capacity

In his presentation, which summarized the preparations for transportation, Chairman Aktaş said that signalization optimization would be made in the existing subway. We have medium and long term works, we will take the transportation master plan after the election. With the existing rail system signaling investment, the 3.75 will go down to 2 minutes per minute, and the annual increase of 70 million passengers will be. Existing rail system lines line 1 and line 2, City Hospital extension, Görükle and Hasanağa extension, new two metro lines, line 3 and 4 with line 54.06 114,4 km existing rail system line 286 km and the number of passengers carried daily 1 322 million 400 thousand thousand thousand will reach. The 18 km bike path will be created. Traffic problem will be solved by increasing the capacity with the bridges and intersections connecting the Acemler viaduct and service roads, stat connection roads and the nearby Ring Road. At the 30 point, the transportation hub and the XNUMX point will provide transportation integration with the 'Park, continue, P & R' areas. Nok

“Good road map“

President Aktas, from urban transformation to tourism and agriculture to support the steps to be taken in all areas of Bursa will become a more beautiful, more livable city, he said. President Aktas, Bursa will grow in a healthy way towards the west and north of the city, ına You should put a good road map. It should be the story of a mayor, tourism, industry, infrastructure, transportation will be your story. I have stories, we have goals for Bursa. Let Bursa benefit from every work done, enrich the city. Bursa should be a world city. We must develop our vision and vision in this sense. No one should ever doubt that I will do what I say. Anyway it was nice to get the most for Bursa, Turkey Bursa and winners get ... "he said.

Bursa Fan Club President Ali Ademoğlu gave a gift to the Chairman Aktaş following his presentation about the values ​​of Bursa and the works carried out as Fan Club.

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