Bursa Acemler Project is launched

bursa acemler project gorucuye cikti
bursa acemler project gorucuye cikti

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa Young Industrialists Business and Managers Association (GESIAD) members, especially the Junction Junction Junction Junction project, Bursa will carry the future told the work. President Aktaş shared the details of the project with the businessmen through the new modeling of the Acemler Junction and added: yeni I trust Bursa. Bursa is a dynamic city. If we use this dynamics correctly, Bursa will reach better standards from agriculture to industry, from tourism to economy. Bu

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who has tried to meet with all civil society organizations that add value to the city, was a guest of the Sinerji Meeting of Bursa Young Industrialists and Managers Association. President Aktaş made a presentation to the businessmen at the meeting at Almira Hotel, the last 15 told the work they implemented in the month, gave information about the projects they planned for the coming period.

Acemler project showcases

Meanwhile, the model of the directional junction project to be built at the Acemler Junction in the meeting room was carefully examined by businessmen. President Aktaş, who shared the details of the project on business with the businessmen, said that they will solve the problem in Acemler, where Istanbul has 15 percent more traffic than the Martyrs Bridge, with this project. Emphasizing that the vein of novices is completely blocked right now, Mayor Aktaş said, “In the new period, 10 more smart intersections will be built and 59 of them will be in the districts. Bursa's Acemler vein is completely blocked. Because many moving roads are gathered here, you will appreciate the road collected that does not lift. When we consider the stadium and the hospital under construction in that region, we need to produce an urgent solution. A steering junction will be built here and there will be different escape points. In this way, there will not be slowing down. All measured individually, calculated. Ultimately, this will be one of the first places we will attempt after the election. The woods and Çamlıca neighborhoods on the back are growing. A serious problem will arise with the introduction of new buildings automatically, ”he said.

Target 1 million passengers

Stating that the discounts of up to 15 percent in transportation with a 30 percent rail system in the last 27 months have found a positive response on the citizens' front, Mayor Aktaş said, “With the discounts we made, 2017 percent increased in the public transport rail system between December 2018 and December 18. In order to make transportation more comfortable, we are currently revising the signaling. We are throwing new scissors. Studies have been going on for a month and will take 1,5 years in total. Because we can only do the work between 1 am and 5 am. This is an investment of 130-140 million. At the end of the works, we will carry 54 - 55 percent more passengers on the same lines, 60 km. Because in our 2035 goal, bus transportation will increase by 45%, and the rail system will increase by 4,5 times. We will be carrying more than 1 million passengers a day. ”

We will spend all our energy

Expressing that rail transportation is much more common in all developed countries of the world, President Aktaş noted that they had to expand the rail system network as Bursa. Expressing that they have prepared all their short, medium and long term plans in this regard, President Aktaş said, “In rail systems, our current line starts from Kestel, and when it comes to Acemler, one of them ends in labor and the other ends at the university. We also have T2 and T3 lines. We are currently going for a revision on these lines, we will have the opportunity to carry 55-60 percent more passengers when the revision is completed. Bursa's largest hospital with 1355 beds is being built. We planned a 5,5 km line to connect the rail system to the city hospital. Secondly, the University line should be combined with Görgülü. there is a life of 50 thousand people. T2 also needs to be integrated into the system. The next plans are the line that starts from Gürsu and goes to the bushes to the bushes, and the other starts from Demirtas and is a line of 20.7 km in the new development region on the north east - south west axis. However, while the current transportation is 2018 thousand per day in 286, this figure will be 2035 million 1 thousand in 352. We have to spend all our energy here to open new routes and make expropriations. ”

I trust Bursa

President Aktas stated that they will carry out important works in all areas from high value-added production to industrial tourism as well as transportation projects such as roads, new connections, transit centers, parking, continuation points bicycle paths.

“I say very sincerely, I trust Bursa. Bursa is a dynamic city. If we can use this dynamic in the right sense, Bursa can be blended very seriously in agriculture, industry, tourism, economy. We need to bring Bursa to better standards. There's no one we're not going to discuss or talk to. Mayors are elected through a political party, but after being elected they are the head of the entire city. City 1. We're all on the same boat. We will continue to walk in the right direction with the hands of both Metropolitan, 17 county mayor and councilors. Gerek

Great deal

GESIAD President Kerim Demiral said in his speech that Bursa is on the verge of a great opportunity. Demiral said, am The previous rulers and administrators brought this city to a certain level. She did her job with the good and the bad. The interesting thing is that we have come to Bursa for such a time and such that Bursa will be a great world city if it uses its values ​​well. If the next few years or 8-10 cannot use the year well, this opportunity will be gone. Because Bursa is a rapidly growing city. If it doesn't concentrate on its values, it will grow crooked. A city that will set an example in the world if it grows planned and courageous aware of its values. It has potential, Bu he said.

GESIAD President Demiral, President Aktas plaque to commemorate the day, President of the new members of the Association has worn their badges.

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